Thursday, August 9, 2007

First day of BIG SCHOOL!

Jaiden officially became a "big girl" yesterday with the start of Kindergarten (AKA "big school")!
She picked out a new outfit to wear -- green and pink pants and a matching white shirt with green and pink turtles and hearts -- and used her new polka-dot bookbag.... ah, I mean messenger bag. (She's not too keen on how to carry it though, so we'll likely get out the Dora backpack so it's a bit easier for her!)
She loves her classroom and her teacher, and she's met some new friends.. but she says, "I can't remember all my new friends' names."
She's memorizing her car pool number and remembering to check the blue folder with me every night. So.... so far, so good!
The funniest thing is, when we got home yesterday, she asked: "Do I get to go to the big school all the time?"
Ah.... yes.... little does she know that this is just the beginning...