Monday, January 24, 2011

I Made it To REAL SIMPLE Magazine

If you know me, you know that I LOVE Real Simple magazine. I have been an avid follower, fan and subscriber since the very first issue... and I am THRILLED beyond words that they chose ME to be in an article about being organized!

You can see it now, in the February 2011 issue. (And you can read more about it HERE on my Get Neater blog!)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Indoor fun!

We were "snowed" in today... ok, we were slushed and iced in, but, nevertheless, the whole family had a day at home, together.

Sean and Jaiden mainly played video games. And I mainly cleaned up the remaining Christmas stuff. And that's when the fun started.... first with empty boxes...

...and then with one of Iain's new toys!

Ah, the simple pleasures!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Jaiden's SNOWMAN Christmas party

Jaiden's class had a Christmas party before their vacation started, and I helped with the "theme." I chose snowmen, because I discovered some really cute, not-too-difficult-to-make decorations!

First, I made some snowball garland using paper cutouts with pretty Christmas paper and snowman stamps strung on some different lengths of thread with white pom poms (snowballs). I guess I could have used cotton balls, but the pom poms are a bit more sturdy and they kept their place on the thread very well! I tied each strand to a paperclip and just stuck them in the ceiling! (I could have made tons more, but the classroom is so busy, I figured they would just get lost... which they kind of did, anyway. But they sure were cute!)

Next, I made cupcakes and cupcake toppers (to match the garland, with the same Christmas paper and snowman stamps.)

I also made snowman pops.... These cute (and tasty) treats were created with jumbo marshmallows, white icing, Rollos (for the hat) and flat and colored sprinkles for the eyes and nose (with a little corn syrup to make them stick)! I just stuck the marshmallows on a candy stick and wrapped them up in cellophane bags after they were decorated! I tied them all with raffia ribbons and attached a name tag for each child.

It all turned out very cute, but I think the kids were more interested in opening their gifts!