Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving poem

It might be a bit cheesy, but this little poem won me a family 4 pack to enjoy the day at Desoto Caverns! Yay! :)

Turkey, potatoes, cheesecake and dressing,
good times with family (all who are a blessing!).

Watching the parade… and a game or two,
taking a nap, enjoying “nothing to do!”

Visiting more relatives, ‘cause our family has grown,
enjoying traditions… and making some of our own!

Planning strategies to shop ‘til you drop…
on Black Friday - and every day… ‘til Santa makes his stop!

Relaxing, reminiscing, playing some Wii,
because “together” is a wonderful place to be!

All in all thanking our Father above
...for an abundance of blessings and His perfect love!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Etsy Things That Make You Go, "HUH?!?!

Oh, yes... It's back! I have another fun, little collection of oddities from my beloved Etsy. So if you truly are looking for that really UNIQUE Christmas gift, well, then... it does not get much more unique than the rare -- and sometimes awkward -- doo-dads and what-nots you'll see here!

1. First up, we have something that's just ideal for potty trainees in training or perhaps for those folks who might be a *wee bit, uh... irregular?!? (*pun intended!) It's a perfect little pair of "I poop" and "I tinkle" buttons to display proudly on a sweater, a vest or a purse strap, to share with the world, proving how regular you are... or to wear proudly after completing the task! What 2-year-old wouldn't want to proudly showcase their newly learned accomplishment?!?! (Of course, these buttons don't include the words: "in the toilet," so there are some major assumptions happening in that last scenario!)

2. Second, since we already have some potty talk happening here, I figured I would toss this one in the mix. If you've been looking for the perfect way to store and display your toilet paper, then I have found the item for you: a set of 3 devil bath tissue tissue cozies! According to the devishly odd listing, These "hand-painted cozies make the search for extra toilet paper a fun one." As well, "these friendly creatures can be used in a group or one at a time." YES! That's great, because you know that you can't just have ONE devil toilet paper cozie!

3. Next up is a great addition to your holiday wardrobe: an unhappy-looking cat-dressed-as-Santa pin! If I were wearing those tight, pointy shoes, I'd probably have a scowl on my face, too. Oh, and good news, if you don't wear pins, this can be a magnet OR a Christmas ornament! Unhappy cats, all around!

4. I certainly did not want to overlook the Thanksgiving holiday, as it IS coming up next week. So here is a fun, little something or other that's sure to please! It's a LIMITED EDITION 8x10 photo of a GUINEA PIG, uh Thanksgiving Turkey... ummmmmm, Pilgrim! And each print is signed and numbered! What a keepsake! :) Hey, I'll admit: it is pretty darn cute! AND... we even know that the "model's" name is Ava! (And the artist seems to genuinely enjoy her guinea pig pics. She states, "All guinea pig prints are natural. No Photoshop techniques are used. My goal is to represent the true nature and personality of my furry companions. What I hope the viewer is left with is a sense of the warm relationship humans & animals share.")

5. Since the cold weather is, well, sort of here, every once in a while in good ole' Alabama, it might be time to consider THIS handy little NOSE WARMER!?!?! What? I don't know.... I would feel pretty darn stupid if I had this on my face. Is it just me? I see that and think stuff like "horse," and "feed bag" and "weird." Really, people? Is this a fad up North somewhere!?!? 'Cause it has NOT yet hit the South! :)

6. Next on the list is an odd little trinket. Perhaps this will be that perfect gift for someone... someone who likes real moose poop! Yes, indeed. It's poop. On a keychain. And I, for one, just would not be too happy with doo doo on a chain. Of course, you can get it on a necklace. Wow. Moose dookies hanging around my neck. Charming. Is this a substitute for coal? What's Santa thinkin'?!?! Oh, never mind....I guess if it were his doing, it would have been reindeer poop. On a keychain. My bad.

7. Please explain. Please. Am I missing something here? Really? Is this a joke that I just don't get? Is this bad? I mean... these are whales. Hand embroidered whales. One has a beard, or some barnacles growing on its mouth. And I just don't understand. I don't even get the name of this thing. It's called the "whale break up hand embroidery." Y'all still as lost as I am? Hmmmmmmmmm....