Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Birthday trip to New Orleans

So... Sean and I took a short trip to New Orleans for his birthday -- in July (yeah, this post is a bit late!)... and we have come to the unanimous decision that we will never go back. Never. Not even if our room at a really nice hotel is free... like it was this time!

Ok, the food was great. I must admit. We had a blast munching on "French donuts" at Cafe Du Monde and scarfing down BBQ shrimp and key lime pie. Yummy! Some of the shopping was fun, too. But other than that and a few interesting old buildings and architecture, New Orleans is kind of YUCK! Even the aquarium was a bit sad -- and WAY too crowded. It amazes me how many families were there -- in New Orleans! We also spent maybe a grand total of 11 minutes in the casino. That was crowded (and smoky) too.

Oh.... we did also see STYX. How random is that! We stumbled upon their free concert on our way back to the hotel one night! We also stumbled upon many a stumbling person that night. Scary!