Friday, May 28, 2010

"Project Night"

As an independent demonstrator with Uppercase Living, I've decided to get a bit crafty and host a "project night" in June. We will be making party tubs, and I just created one yesterday as an example. I think it turned out cute! (The photo does not do it justice, though... it's a bright yellow and so very cheery!)

The flexible, colorful 5.7 gallon tubs are simple to make and are SO handy -- for just about anything: clothes, toys, baby items, pet supplies, gardening tools, knitting stuff, beach gear, games and gaming supplies, etc., etc. AND they are only $20!

If you or anyone you know would like to make one (or just have one: I can make it for you), let me know ASAP! I am taking orders for the tub colors and the expressions now and will place the final order on Sunday, May 30!

Here are some more examples of what you can put on your party tub. Of course, the options are endless. Feel free to visit to see more ideas, fonts, color choices, etc., etc.!

Oh, and here's a picture of just the tubs. They come in silver, green, blue, yellow and red (not pictured).

UPDATE: Just made another one -- for fun! :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Just Sharing the Madness

Sean and I have some bad hair. And I don't mean "cool" bad... I'm talking plain old bad! There's just no escaping it. We are both in desperate need of haircuts (and actual hair styles) right now... but, with little time, energy or desire to make the appointment and go visit the hair stylist, we look a little, well.... a bit disheveled!

At least we're cool with it!

Here we are showing off our hair hilarity... but be forewarned: this is NOT for people who inspect their roots or cut off split ends on a daily basis! ;)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Iain Mouse

My mom got a cure little Mickey Mouse shirt for Iain, and it fits him now. And it is pretty darn cute! Here are some shots of our little Iain Mouse!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Homemade Funnies

I am a BIG fan of Etsy. Some may say that I'm an addict. I don't think it's become QUITE that big of a problem.... yet.... but I do admit that I love looking through the site and adding things to my "favorites."

I'm not a seller on the site (not yet anyway!), but I have definitely been a buyer! :) I have purchased homemade bibs and burp cloths for Iain, shirts and onesies for Jaiden and Iain, barrettes, pacifier holders, ladybug plant magnets, a needle felted turtle... and handmade cards for all occasions. I just love all the unique -- and sometimes one-of-a-kind -- items!

Ok, that being said, while I always find neat things that I absolutely fall in love with, I also stumble across things that are just.... well, WEIRD! So, I have decided to share a few of those Etsy oddities with y'all... just so I don't have to sit here giggling to myself... or, in some cases, sit here with a VERY confused look on my face!

See for yourself!

1. "Fancy turd squeaker"

Wow. A TURD toy! And is squeaks! I hope this is not for kids! I guess I might feel a wee bit better if my dogs, not my children, were playing with poo toys. Maybe. I'm just not so sure! Here is some of the description:
This Turd has a Squeaker inside, for hours of fun and entertainment.
Double reinforced seam.
Around 2 1/2 to 3 inches wide.

2. Sensitive folk and possibly those of the male gender may want to turn away for this one! :)
"Brown puppies pad"

Maybe it's just me, but I am a little disturbed by this. Not only is it a re-usable feminine hygiene product, it has PUPPIES on it! Hmmmm, no. Not for me, thanks! While perhaps a cute fabric, it would be quite awkward, I think, to use such a thing. And the weirdest thing is, there are TONS of these things on Etsy -- available in all sorts of different fabrics! Could this be taking homemade a little too far?!?!
(And I am not including the description on this one. You can check that out yourself, if you feel the need!)

3. "Antler ring, whitetail deer"

Ummmmm.... can anyone say, "uncomfortable"? How about: "It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye." Wow. I can't say that a deer antler ring is a fad I'll be supporting any time soon. I'm just not sure I get the point! HA! "Get the POINT!?!?!" OK. Enough said.
Here is part of the description:
This is a listing for one ring...size 7 light coloured wood.
Inspired by the souvenir, and the desire to take a "piece" of a place away with you, this design is inspired by my love of Canadiana....

4. "Funky food dish detergent soap bottle apron cover wrap"

I chuckled at this bottle apron thingie when I first spotted it on Etsy. Maybe it was the fabric. but then it kind of grew on me. And now I have one in my Etsy "favorites." Why? I don't know. I certainly don't NEED an apron for my dish washing liquid bottle. But it's kind of fun! I'll just skip the weird-food-with-faces fabric, though! :)
Here is part of the description:
A solution to dress up your dishsoap, detergent bottle!
This apron handcrafted by me.It will be cute on your sink or can be a great gift for everyone why has a sink.
You can give as a gift with good bottle of wine and she can put it on a soap bottle later. Or a solution as an inexpensive fun gift for coworkers or friends with a soap bottle.

5. "King Kong toilet seat and tank lid cover set plus light switch cover"

I dare you to get this set. I mean, hey, it comes with a matching light switch cover!!! :) Plus, don't you want the phrase "The 8th wonder of the world" in your bathroom? I wonder if this fabric was just really cheap. REALLY cheap! :)
Here is part of the description:
This beautifully handcrafted, high quality toilet seat and tank lid cover set utilizes elastic around the outside edges to allow for a perfect fit. The fabric is made out of cotton and has been pre-shrunk. There are three layers to make it extra durable; the top is the patterned fabric, then there is a layer of interfacing, and then the bottom is a coordinating solid fabric.

You know, it does sound pretty durable. Maybe they have a matching pad to go with it?

So, there you go. A few handmade funnies straight from Etsy. Loads of fun! :) I may have to do this again sometime...