Monday, August 25, 2008

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I Just Look Like Her

I have a new Mac, and I've been playing around with all the fun features, I mean, RESEARCHING the software... and I stumbled across a silly program that takes photos. So, I took a photo (or two... or five) while sitting here at my desk. And THIS is what I got!
My co-workers asked if this was Cameron Diaz. HA-Ha!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Jaiden & Mommy

I love my little (not-so-little-anymore) girl!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Jaiden is 6!

Jaiden had a tough decision this year on what theme she wanted for her birthday party. Because we thought we should go with something that both girls and boys would like (Barbie fairy princesses didn't seem to to be a good plan for the 6-year-old boys! Go figure!), we decided to do either a "Kung Fu Panda" party or a "Wall-E" party.
Well, both movies were a hit with Jaiden (although Sean and I liked Wall-E the best), but we went with Kung Fu Panda, since the decorations and giveaways seemed really fun!
We headed off to the family favorite, Pump it Up, with Panda cupcakes in Kung Fu Panda holders, black and red tablecloths decorated with colorful aikido belts and Kung Fu Panda plates, and cute little pagodas with fortune cookies, candy, chopsticks and other Kung Fu Panda goodies!
Kids and parents alike had a fun time bouncing away, and Jaiden excitedly opened up gifts galore! Fun-FUN!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Happy Birthday, baby!

Most of you will NEVER believe this (ha-ha), but -- once again -- we had a family celebration at... yep... La Fiesta!
But this celebration was a bit different; it was a surprise birthday party for Sean! Eighteen of his closest friends and family (twenty, if you include Jaiden and me!) were invited to a surprise "A-Team" party. Sean had NO idea what was happening. Well, he knew that we were going to the restaurant for his birthday dinner, because it was HIS suggestion in the first place, but he had no idea that his family and best pals would be there, too!
Sean spotted a few familiar vehicles on the way in (oops!), but he did not expect to hear the "A Team" theme song as he entered the door, nor did he expect to see all those people, get presents, eat "A-Team" cake and watch a very silly, homemade "A-Team" video.
The look(s) on his face were absolutely priceless! What FUN!

("I love it when a birthday comes together!")

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The new A-Team!?!

Sean and I have been watching old reruns of the 80's TV hit, "The A-Team," and it's HILARIOUS! We love this show. And since our last name starts with an "A," we've decided to adopt the nickname for our family... well, sort of!
If you check out this crazy photo, you'll see Sean filling in as The A-Team's fearless leader, Col. Hannibal Smith, Jaiden posing as Templeton Peck (AKA "Face"), our dog, Rowdy, as "Howlin' Mad" Murdock and, yes, me as B.A. "Bad Attitude" Baracus (played by the infamous Mr. T.) Really. Believe it or not, that is me... as a black man with a mohawk! Yikes!
I think I'll wear that outfit tomorrow to work....

(Special thanks to Dereck for his wicked-cool PhotoShop skills!)

(* WARNING: More A-Team stuff to follow in the near future...)

Monday, August 4, 2008

McWane Center Sillies

I actually took a day off from work not too long ago, and mom and I took Jaiden to the McWane Science Center. Fun place! We checked out four floors of interactive, hands-on exhibits and watched an IMax film about the Colorado River. Jaiden's favorites, though, seemed to be blowing a ball around with air or floating a ball in the water fountains... and playing with the miniature car exhibit, where she and some other little girls changed tires and fluids and replaced a muffler (with velcro)! We also played with those silly plastic things that you can push out to create designs... like your hands, or you face. You can see mom, Jaiden and me in this picture. (I am making a kissy face, Jaiden is smiling, and mom's glasses are centerstage on her face!)

More birthday fun

Jaiden and I were being silly with mom's camera at my birthday party. Here are some of the results of that! ;)