Friday, August 8, 2008

Happy Birthday, baby!

Most of you will NEVER believe this (ha-ha), but -- once again -- we had a family celebration at... yep... La Fiesta!
But this celebration was a bit different; it was a surprise birthday party for Sean! Eighteen of his closest friends and family (twenty, if you include Jaiden and me!) were invited to a surprise "A-Team" party. Sean had NO idea what was happening. Well, he knew that we were going to the restaurant for his birthday dinner, because it was HIS suggestion in the first place, but he had no idea that his family and best pals would be there, too!
Sean spotted a few familiar vehicles on the way in (oops!), but he did not expect to hear the "A Team" theme song as he entered the door, nor did he expect to see all those people, get presents, eat "A-Team" cake and watch a very silly, homemade "A-Team" video.
The look(s) on his face were absolutely priceless! What FUN!

("I love it when a birthday comes together!")

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