Monday, August 11, 2008

Jaiden is 6!

Jaiden had a tough decision this year on what theme she wanted for her birthday party. Because we thought we should go with something that both girls and boys would like (Barbie fairy princesses didn't seem to to be a good plan for the 6-year-old boys! Go figure!), we decided to do either a "Kung Fu Panda" party or a "Wall-E" party.
Well, both movies were a hit with Jaiden (although Sean and I liked Wall-E the best), but we went with Kung Fu Panda, since the decorations and giveaways seemed really fun!
We headed off to the family favorite, Pump it Up, with Panda cupcakes in Kung Fu Panda holders, black and red tablecloths decorated with colorful aikido belts and Kung Fu Panda plates, and cute little pagodas with fortune cookies, candy, chopsticks and other Kung Fu Panda goodies!
Kids and parents alike had a fun time bouncing away, and Jaiden excitedly opened up gifts galore! Fun-FUN!

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~Amanda~ said...

Cute cupcakes!! Looks like Jaiden had a lot of fun!! :)