Monday, August 4, 2008

McWane Center Sillies

I actually took a day off from work not too long ago, and mom and I took Jaiden to the McWane Science Center. Fun place! We checked out four floors of interactive, hands-on exhibits and watched an IMax film about the Colorado River. Jaiden's favorites, though, seemed to be blowing a ball around with air or floating a ball in the water fountains... and playing with the miniature car exhibit, where she and some other little girls changed tires and fluids and replaced a muffler (with velcro)! We also played with those silly plastic things that you can push out to create designs... like your hands, or you face. You can see mom, Jaiden and me in this picture. (I am making a kissy face, Jaiden is smiling, and mom's glasses are centerstage on her face!)

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