Tuesday, December 11, 2007

C is for Christmas Cookie

Thanks to everyone who participated in the 3rd annual Christmas Cookie Swap Party at our home this past Sunday! We had a fun group of old and new friends... and an incredible amount of delicious (and beautiful) cookies! YUM!
Congratulations to Brittany (a first-time swapper!) for her win for the "most festive Christmas cookie display" ... and to the Alcazars who won a prize for creating a very unique cookie display... a Christmas tree cookie farm!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Christmas is here.... well, almost!

It's official. Well, almost! The Christmas decorations are up, the tree is decorated, and we are ready for the holiday season!

Christmas at CPES

Jaiden's kindergarten class had their Christmas program last night in the cafeteria of their school. Parents and family members were everywhere... there was standing/sitting-on-the-floor room only! Aside from some soreness from the awkward seating, the program was fun -- and funny! Most of the kids didn't really sing as much as they yelled the words! Jaiden and her classmates did a great job! Of course, we couldn't hear her sing from where we were sitting/ standing.... so she could have very well been only mouthing the words to the songs!