Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas from The Farm!

Thought y'all might want to see the Christmas e-card we sent out this year from the FarmLinks "herd!" It's quite a "moooooving" experience. An "udder" joy....really. ;) Just click on the title, and have fun!
(The link will take you to the video part of our e-card. Sorry you can't see the "front" of the card, too!)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas -- first grade style

Jaiden's class performed last week in their annual Christmas program. She was just about the only child wearing GREEN instead of RED, so it's pretty easy to spot her!
And MUCH thanks go to my very sweet neighbor for letting us borrow all that GREEN stuff!
It was on my way home the night of the program -- while fighting a migraine -- when I realized that Jaiden's Christmas clothes were either too small, too dirty, too absent from our house (AKA: MIA) or too "busy." (They could not wear anything with pictures, images or other "stuff" on it!) So, I shared my pathetic story with my neighbor... who graciously let us borrow a very nice GREEN sweater and bow!
Of course, in my haste to get to the program in time, I did not realize that the way I positioned the big GREEN bow on Jaiden's head very much resembled a Christmas package. Oopsie! Was my face RED!?!
Hey -- I guess it was just one more way to find my child in the sea of first graders....
Just look for the little girl who's wrapped up like a gift!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Cookie Swap -- PART 4

Once again, I must say that a Christmas cookie swap party is pretty rockin' cool!
This year (the 4th annual cookie swap) was the biggest group ever, despite busy schedules and complaints about baking so many treats! Ha-ha! ;) Everyone took home loads of delicious cookies -- including, but not limited to: some Christmas tree cookies, chocolate truffles, coconut macaroons and "snowman poop."
Merry Christmas ... and happy munching, everyone!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Twirly Girl

Jaiden has been taking baton this year with some of her friends and has had a really good time learning to twirl! Recently, her little group of twirlers (or should I say group of little twirlers?!?) were asked to be in a Christmas lighting parade. Jaiden did a very good job! Of course, we never actually saw her twirl -- nor did we witness the twirlers do the routine they have been practicing for MONTHS now -- but Jaiden waved as she walked by. And she was quite the waver. Ha-ha! At any rate, it was a fun time for all... and the fireworks afterward were the icing on the cake!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Our first family portrait!?

Here is the very first photo of ALL us Alcazars! ;)

Monday, December 1, 2008

Heeeeeeeeere's TEDDY!

A few weeks ago, we adopted another sweet little dog (AKA "furry, four-legged child"). His name is Teddy, and he's a 6-year-old purebred Yorkshire Terrier. Yep. A teeny, weeny Yorkie!
We rescued Teddy (full name Theodore Alcazar... ha-ha!) from a family who could just not give him the love and care he deserved, and we are very happy that he's now a part of our family!
Rowdy (our 6-year-old Yorkie mix) has behaved very well with the new addition, and it seems that (after a few weeks of trial and error) they are getting along nicely! They play with each other and run around, and sometimes they even cuddle -- just a bit! A very wee bit. It's VERY cute!
Funny things about Teddy... well, he's a stinky little guy (must be a skin issue), but he loves tummy rubs, sometimes sleeps on his back with his legs sticking out everywhere, wheezes when he barks, turns his head to one side or the other when you talk to him and often can be found poking out the tip of his tongue -- while awake or asleep!
At any rate, here's Teddy! We look forward to discovering more of his quirks and oddities... and just having fun with the newest Alcazar.