Monday, December 1, 2008

Heeeeeeeeere's TEDDY!

A few weeks ago, we adopted another sweet little dog (AKA "furry, four-legged child"). His name is Teddy, and he's a 6-year-old purebred Yorkshire Terrier. Yep. A teeny, weeny Yorkie!
We rescued Teddy (full name Theodore Alcazar... ha-ha!) from a family who could just not give him the love and care he deserved, and we are very happy that he's now a part of our family!
Rowdy (our 6-year-old Yorkie mix) has behaved very well with the new addition, and it seems that (after a few weeks of trial and error) they are getting along nicely! They play with each other and run around, and sometimes they even cuddle -- just a bit! A very wee bit. It's VERY cute!
Funny things about Teddy... well, he's a stinky little guy (must be a skin issue), but he loves tummy rubs, sometimes sleeps on his back with his legs sticking out everywhere, wheezes when he barks, turns his head to one side or the other when you talk to him and often can be found poking out the tip of his tongue -- while awake or asleep!
At any rate, here's Teddy! We look forward to discovering more of his quirks and oddities... and just having fun with the newest Alcazar.

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