Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas -- first grade style

Jaiden's class performed last week in their annual Christmas program. She was just about the only child wearing GREEN instead of RED, so it's pretty easy to spot her!
And MUCH thanks go to my very sweet neighbor for letting us borrow all that GREEN stuff!
It was on my way home the night of the program -- while fighting a migraine -- when I realized that Jaiden's Christmas clothes were either too small, too dirty, too absent from our house (AKA: MIA) or too "busy." (They could not wear anything with pictures, images or other "stuff" on it!) So, I shared my pathetic story with my neighbor... who graciously let us borrow a very nice GREEN sweater and bow!
Of course, in my haste to get to the program in time, I did not realize that the way I positioned the big GREEN bow on Jaiden's head very much resembled a Christmas package. Oopsie! Was my face RED!?!
Hey -- I guess it was just one more way to find my child in the sea of first graders....
Just look for the little girl who's wrapped up like a gift!

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