Thursday, December 28, 2006

What a FUN Christmas!

Another Christmas has come and gone, but we sure had a wonderful time!
From SpongeBob SquarePants "tennis ball" (AKA pinball) and Hello Kitty to Strawberry Shortcake movies and Ariel PJs... from talking Dora The Explorer (*cringe!) and Lite Brite to Barbie dancing fairy princess and a Disney princess piano... Jaiden (and the rest of our family) definitely had a grand Christmas... or should I say Christmases, since we celebrated the holidays at so many places this year!
Sean and I have already played Jaiden's SpongeBob "tennis ball" game more than she has! We also had a great time reminiscing with toys like Lite Brite and ViewMaster. Both of us helped Jaiden with her first Lite Brite picture: some psychedelic flowers with red and violet grass! And we had fun digging out my old ViewMaster and comparing it with the toys of today. From a unanimous vote, looks like the "old" one wins! (... especially since Sean can't seem to focus on 1 image in the new one!)

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