Thursday, January 24, 2008

Let it SNOW!

Alabama isn't really known for its winter snowfalls... In fact, the whole state goes into crazy mode whenever the "S" word is mentioned. Usually the white stuff never even arrives, but we all wait by the windows with wide-eyed anticipation, hoping the flurries begin to fall.
This last weekend, however, we actually got some snow.... good snow! The white, shimmery flakes fluttered down for about 4 hours, covering the rooftops and the trees and leaving a light dusting on our lawns. We had enough snow to make a headless snow angel (Jaiden didn't want to put her head all the way back), throw a few snowballs and build a pathetic little "snowdude."
This was Jaiden's first really good snow. She's seen -- and caught -- a few snowflakes before. But this time, the three of us (Rowdy wasn't too thrilled... he was outside for about 10 minutes) bundled up in mismatched layers and tumbled outside for a few hours of frosty fun!

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