Thursday, February 21, 2008

Our Ceramic Creations Day o' Fun!

So... Corinne and I got to chatting one day and decided that we needed something new and fun to do. She suggested painting pottery, something I'd tried to get Sean involved with on a few unsuccessful occasions!
At any rate, we planned it out, and it turned into a FUN family affair! Sean's Mom, Toni, Corinne, my Mom, Sean and I had a super-filling lunch at Panera... and then we headed across the way to Ceramic Creations. We roamed around, wide-eyed and confused, looking at unpainted, white pottery blobs... careful to NOT touch the beautiful finished versions that were "for display only."
After about 15 minutes (or possibly more... we were really overwhelmed by all the white pottery blobs!), we finally settled on our creations of choice... (see below) and got to painting!
I spent nearly all of the time painting, repainting and painting more of my base coat. (The dern paint didn't want to stick!) We also flipped through books and examples for some inspiration. (Too bad our painting didn't look like the examples... hmmm...)
When we finally handed them in --to be coated and fired -- none of us seemed too enthused about our hard work. But when we got the pieces back the next week, we were THRILLED! How great they all turned out... and how much fun it was! I think we're addicted now. I'm already thinking about my next white pottery blob....

my Mom: candlestick
me: candlestick
Sean: spoon rest (which he painted for me! He is not a huge fan of ladybugs and flowers! Ha-ha!)
Corinne: bowl (w/ chopsticks/holder)
Sean's Mom: bowl
Toni: mug

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