Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas ornament swap

Friday, December 4, brought together a very merry bunch of my neighbors (tacky Christmas wear and all!) for a first-ever Christmas ornament exchange party!

We "oooohed" and "ahhhed" over the gorgeous Christmas decorations at our hostess' home while sharing stories, listening to Christmas music and munching on a variety of home-baked goodies. (And most of us, including me, decided that we should all rethink our own Christmas decorations.... since Brandi makes everything look designer-magazine perfect!)

The atmosphere was nothing less than festive, creating a warm, lively tone for the ornament swap that took place a little after 8:00. Done in the "Dirty Santa" style, we swap participants picked numbers at random and selected a wrapped Christmas ornament, one at a time.

All was calm and mild as happy present openers discovered beautiful ornaments for their trees... until the "Dirty Santa" part kicked in, and suddenly, people were snatching ornaments from one another and quickly unwrapping replacements, only to get those picked up by someone else moments later! (Ah, yes, don't you just LOVE Dirty Santa?!?! *sigh)

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