Saturday, February 5, 2011

The REAL Housewives of Chelsea, Alabama

My good friends (and neighbors, lucky me!), Season and Shelly and I had a girls' night IN the other night. We planned an evening of junk food, crafts... and makeovers! :) It was a whole lot of fun! We tried some "daring" new makeup looks, just for the heck of it. And we worked on scrapbooks and wedding favors for my sister-in-law's upcoming March wedding. We also had fun just being girls... and mommies... and housewives! ;) Shelly even made us some oh-so-cute aprons and t-shirts with a hilariously funny design: the REAL housewives of Chelsea, Alabama! :)

And, yes, I am wielding a play sword; yes, Season is rocking the karaoke microphone; and, yes, Shelly is working the vacuum. That's pretty much as REAL as life gets for us, folks! :)

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