Monday, September 25, 2006

Kids, Birthday Parties and Pictures

I'm starting to think that every friend of Jaiden's was born in the month of September! To date, we've been to 4 birthday parties this month.... and boy, are we partied out! At any rate, watching kids at birthday parties is hilarious. And watching people trying to take pictures of kids at birthday parties is even funnier. Notice in this photo -- from Harmonie Hill's birthday party at Pump It Up (a little free advertising...) -- that the ONLY child who's looking at the camera is Harmonie! Who knows what the rest of them are doing?!.... that's what's so funny! I love their facial expressions and their lack of interest in the photographer -- me... and several other parents, actually, who were likely diverting the kids' attention!
(BTW: Jaiden is the one on the far left... in the pigtails and stripey pants! And shhh... don't tell, but that IS Big Al in the photo. War Eagle!)

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Frannie Girl said...

LOL.....great pic!! :) Gosh I remember those days!!!