Thursday, September 21, 2006

Remember school pictures?

So... it's getting close to that time when "Lil' J" and all "her kids" (as she calls them) get their school pictures done. Ah, I remember those days... Mom always put me in goofy pigtails, and my bangs were always insanely crooked. I must have never sat still for the trimmings. *sigh*
Anyway, since I only now just started this blog, I figured I would post Jaiden's picture from last year -- for the moment. (BTW, for the record: I did not dress her in a lacy frock and a flowery straw hat. These were those special "dress-up" pictures!) Anyway, we'll probably have her new Pre-K pic in probably 9-12 months. Ha-ha! (You know how long those things take to get back! You're at least a year older by then! )

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Frannie Girl said...

I love this picture of her! She's so cute!!! I like the fishing one too that you sent me. :)