Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Tricks and Treats

We live in a neighborhood full of kids. In fact, on one of the streets, every house has kids. So, we expected more than a handful of trick-or-treaters to stop by for candy. Sadly.... our Halloween House spooked very few folks last night. In fact, besides us, probably only 12 other people saw it! The weird thing is, when Jaiden, Sean and I went trick-or-treating, we saw 100's of kids and parents wandering about the streets! I guess our unfinished little cul-de-sac was too dark and sinister to attract much Halloween activity!
At least WE had fun with it! Sean did all the decorations... and I mean all the decorations. I put up the cute little ghosties around the door, and he did all the rest. Jaiden thought it was pretty spooky, and since she was a beautiful princess, she was the only thing that didn't fit in with the ghoolish decor! Me, as a mummy, and Sean as a mummy... or whatever... fit the part, maybe too well!

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