Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Turkey Claus?

Jaiden had a "family holiday homework" project to work on last week -- we were given a paper drawing of turkey parts (head, legs, wings, etc.) and were instructed to "hide" the turkey so he/she wouldn't get eaten for Thanksgiving. Some suggestions to "hide" the turkey were to disguise him/her as another animal, as a cartoon character or even as an inanimate object like a soccer ball, tree, etc.
Jaiden wanted, at first, to create a fairy princess turkey.... but another girl in her class created that one! *whew! So then we got excited about the idea of a snowman turkey. But another kid showed up at school with his turkey disguised that way. So... we convinced Jaiden that it would be cool to go along with Sean's original idea of a turkey disguised as Santa Claus.
(I mean, who in his right mind would eat jolly ole' St. Nick for Thanksgiving, right?!?)
Well, we worked on it all evening.... sewing a Santa costume, cutting out Santa boots and belt and buckles, and even making our turkey a sack of Christmas presents. It turned out pretty darn cute!
Hopefully Jaiden's "Turkey Claus" will be safe this holiday season!

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