Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Birthday Fiesta

Ok -- so I have no digital camera right now, and my mom hasn't quite figured out how to get the photos off her digital camera just yet.... so, I have "stolen" a photo from Corinne, my sis-in-law, so I can at least prove that I am alive and well... and still blogging every once in a blue moon.

That being said, this is a shot of me in a big goofy hat eating at our very favorite Mexican restaurant for my... er... latest birthday! ;) Of the 14+ years I've been eating there (and of the countless birthdays I've spent there), this is the very FIRST time I have ever worn "the hat" and been sung to in Spanish. And I'll admit: it was fun. (Notice the goofy smile and the "mid-clap" pose....)

Now bring on the birthday chips and salsa! (
And maybe I'll bring on some more birthday photos... )

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