Wednesday, July 2, 2008

How does the tooth fairy get in the house?!?

Well, we hit a major milestone: Jaiden lost her very first tooth -- on my birthday! (It's one of the bottom teeth... you can barely see the space in the photo!)
It had been wiggling around for several weeks (as loose baby teeth usually do!), and she asked me just about every day when it would fall out. It finally popped out (with some help from her camp counselor) on the afternoon of my big day! ;)
So, happy first tooth, eh.. first tooth lost... uh tooth falling out day.... or whatever it is you say on such occasions!
Jaiden carried around her tooth in a "tooth fairy pillow" (see photo), excited about what she would get when the infamous tooth snatcher visited her that night. She was concerned, though, about how the tooth fairy would get in to her bedroom. She informed me that Santa used the fireplace, but the tooth fairy flies and would probably need to come through her window. I finally convinced J that we didn't need to actually open her window, since tooth fairies are magic ...and they probably just wave a wand or throw around some fairy dust to find the children and their newly lost teeth!

BTW: Jaiden ended up with a small heart-shaped purse with 5 crisp 1-dollar bills inside. (Has the price of baby teeth gone up?!?) However, I informed her that the tooth fairy usually just gives 1 dollar, but since it was Jaiden's first tooth, perhaps this was a special treat!

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