Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My mustachioed hubby!?!?

Sean doesn’t have a mustache. For one, I’m not a fan.
There’s never been any hairy clumps on the upper lip of my man.

Of course, he doesn’t shave much, but you can blame that on his work.
And a stubbly face every now and again certainly won't make him a jerk.

But when playing with my new computer and taking silly pics,
I came across one photo that nearly made me sick….

What’s growing there so subtly on my adorable hubby’s face?
But a MacBook-produced mustache, so VERY out of place!

That’s when my upset stomach turned into a silly grin....
What’s next for my mustachioed husband? Perhaps something on his chin?

Oh, but wait -- if you look close enough, you can nearly see
he not only has a mustache; he's "grown" a full goatee!

1 comment:

Fran Babij said...

Oh my gosh I thought he had really grown one! WOW....interesting to see what he would look like with it..but he does look nicer clean shaven. :)