Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Still no camera...

This is a totally boring post, but for those who have wondered, fretted or inquired, we have NOT selected a new digital camera yet. Well, let me clarify, we have taken into consideration the many folks who have suggested the Canon, but we have yet to drag our bodies out to the store to actually purchase one! ;0
So, for now, the frustration mounts as more and more memorable events take place... and I have no way to capture them! AGH! So how long will I be able to hold out before the insanity completely breaks me down!? Who knows?!? I may actually start drawing "the moments of our lives!"


Fran Babij said...

Ok, I know you like to save time by shopping online so here are the two best Canon Powershots available right now (the SD850 IS and the SD870 IS) and an online link to recommended shops to get them at less than half the retail price.
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Powershot SD870 IS

Fran Babij said...

ps~ good luck :)