Monday, November 10, 2008

There's majesty in simplicity

Ah, coloring. There's not much to it, and yet, it can be such a rewarding experience!
When I was teaching 9th grade English (in another lifetime, eons ago!), I brought a handful of coloring books with me to school. Lo and behold -- several students (guys and girls) wanted to color ... and even sat in my classroom during lunch period to color to their hearts' desire!
There's just something about coloring. It can be quite calming. It can be inspiring. It can be a little escape. I still color with Jaiden. I bet most Mommies do. And I find her, often, in her room, sprawled out on the floor with a rainbow of colors surrounding her. She shows me how she stays in the lines. But I tell her it's ok to scribble, too. And I tell her she can color whatever she wants to.... Sometimes she colors the sky blue. Sometimes she colors the sky pink. And sometimes she leaves the sky blank. Why? Well, as she points out, sometimes it's a cloudy day!

(BTW: Yes, Jaiden IS wearing wings!)

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Fran Babij said...

I had so much fun coloring with her when I was down there and it was cool to see her creativity. It got me out of my box. Things that I would have colored one way she wanted a TOTALLY different color...just because. LOL..I needed that.
I love the wings by the way....a great photo!