Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Return of the random flowers!!!

I haven't said anything on my blog about being sick (for over 10 days now), but... I've been sick (for over 10 days now). Fun, eh? Especially being sick AND pregnant (or is that sick of being pregnant.... AND sick.. and pregnant?!?).
, I didn't say anything because being sick is not all that thrilling. And the details aren't all that fun, either. Although, I must say, I have become best friends with Puffs Plus tissues with the scent of Vicks!

Well, it seems that I, unfortunately, passed along my joyous illness to my sweet hubby, who has been working extra hard to help with things around the house (without being asked!!!!).
So, yesterday he went to the doctor to get a shot and some medication.... both of which I CANNOT do, being pregnant and all. (Ah, yes, the old grin and bear it method!)
It was at this point of relief from the symptoms (ha-ha... "point" of relief... he had a shot, ok; never mind!) that Sean realized just how terrible it has been for me over these last TEN days to be feeling THAT sick.... while being "great with child." ;) And in his wonderful, kind understanding, he called me to tell me how much he appreciated me and all I do. And to say thanks for "growing our child."
Now.... if all THAT wasn't good enough.... I got a surprise knock on my office door yesterday afternoon, with a delivery of a GORGEOUS bouquet of flowers! (I could even smell them... despite the stuffiness! Thanks, Puffs with Vicks!)

And I just had to share a few photos of the flowers, along with the kind-of funny note that was attached.
If you can't read the card on this iPhone picture, it says: "Thanks for growing our baby even while being sick. You are a trooper. I love you very much! Sean"
(I wonder what the florist thought of the somewhat odd occasion and the even more odd message!?!?!)

I'd say that's WAY different from the average, "Happy Anniversary, honey!"
Wouldn't you?!?


Rachel said...

Awwwwww...isn't he the SWEETEST?!!?!? I Love random flowers!!

Vintage Christine said...

I'm so proud of my nephew--what a great man he has become!! You are both so blessed to have one another.