Thursday, October 8, 2009

A temporary loss of sanity

We're having a baby in a few months, and I was wondering if it was time to panic yet.
I mean, the whole entire pregnancy (which lasts about 10 months, not 9, thank you very much), you wait and wait.... and wonder and hope.... and think and ponder.... and moan and whine... oops! Ok, so there IS some moaning and whining that goes along with the amazing amount of pain and discomfort -- emotionally and physically -- that goes hand in hand with being pregnant.

But now, since we're counting down fewer than 70 days or so, is it ok for me to go into panic mode? I mean, I haven't done this in over 7 years. And, frankly, I don't remember much about it. AND... with Jaiden, I had an appointment to go to the hospital to be induced, so that took a lot of the worry and surprise out of it.... thank God! I'm not big on surprises like, ummmmm, let's see, my water breaking while I'm at work, writing a media release! As well, since I'm such a planner, I'm now wondering if I need to begin the "oh-no-do-I-have-everything-we-need-for-the-new-baby" worrying. With that said, I just realized that I still don't have one of those doo-dads that strap into to the car so the little baby seat thing can click into it. Ooh. And should I pack my "on-the-way-to-the-hospital-to-pop-out-a-watermelon" bag yet? What goes in there, anyway? I forget. Snacks? Cozy robes, socks and slippers? That's all I can think about right now!
So let me know if I should go ahead and throw sanity out the window now... or hang on a little longer. And if I am supposed to wait a little bit more, can we at least estimate when it will be ok to panic?
I'd like to plan ahead for that.


KBeau said...

I'm no help. It's been 27 years since I did that, and things have definitely changed in that time.

jennifer said...

My oldest is 13 and I STILL feel like I am unprepared for her birth.

Rachel said...

I feel for you. There is SOME benefit, I suppose, for the 99% of the population out there that have their kiddos close together. The 1% of us who don't have MORE memory loss about the procedures of babyhood than the rest...

It'll all come back to you!