Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Capturing that PERFECT Christmas Shot... with a 7-year old and a newborn

OK. First of all, I'm not a great photographer. Now, if I had an awesome camera, I could fudge my skills just a little bit... but since I have a pretty average, not-too-impressive camera, my photos are also pretty average and not too impressive!

Second, I attempted to take these photos when Iain was in a good mood. He was content and alert BEFORE the photo session. But as soon as I got him dressed up in his adorable Christmas-reindeer sweater and matching wool pants, he was in a bad mood. A VERY bad mood. And these pictures show his growing frustration. ;) They also show Jaiden getting pretty tired of holding a screaming baby brother! I'm sure she learned that dressing up can be fun... until you spend 45 minutes with a squirmy, fussy baby in about 14,000 different positions while mommy fixes hair, replaces pacifiers, turns lights on and off, fluffs pillows and demands smiles and straight postures!

OK... here we go!

SMILE! Wait... what's Iain looking at? Can we possibly get him to look in the direction of the camera? Let's ditch the pacifier, too.

Ok. He's facing the right way, but he looks constipated.

Very nice smile, Jaiden. Iain looks... cute... but, uh, once again, he's looking at something off in the distance. Can we get him to look THIS way? Let's pull back the camera and try again.

We got the "looking this way" part... sort of. Maybe Jaiden can hold him on the other side.

Hmmm.. Nope. Still unhappy. Jaiden, hold that smile while we try to distract your brother....

Good job, Jaiden. Iain... not so much. Let's try one more time....

Now Jaiden is surprised, and Iain is... quite mad. Try holding him on the other side again.

You're not pinching him, are you?

Is he pinching you? No? Ok. Let's try the pacifier.

Jaiden looks great! But we're still getting a lack of interest on Iain's part. Let's try photographing him by himself. Maybe that will help encourage a smile.

Oooh. Bad lighting AND squirmy baby. Not good.

Can you hold those arms still? No? Can we bribe you with the pacifier?

Well, arms are not flailing anymore. But we still have bad lighting and this squinty-eyed, frustrated look. Let's try "happy"... or at the very least, "content."

I'm not seeing "content" here. This looks more like "contempt."

Uh, oh. We have movement again. Looks like some frustration building....

There goes the pacifier. MORE frustration.... and 3.... 2.... 1...

What are the options here? Anything else we can bribe Iain with? How about we get Jaiden back in the photo and break out the pacifier again. And do something about that lighting.

Making progress. Not bad! Jaiden, let's try to look happier...you know, ditch the "I'm-tired-of-trying-to-take-a-picture-with-my-uncooperative-baby-brother" look.

We're good on the 'happy".... but now Iain is attempting a nap. Quick, Jaiden -- cuddle him closer to you!

AND... this is as good as it gets, folks!


Rachel said...

LOL!!!! And I thought ONE child was hard to photograph!! I love the progression!

Jaci Spain said...

He is SO precious Beth! I so know this frustration. Welcome to having 2 kids:) I almost can never get a good picture of both my girls. Although it does get a little better the older they get, so there's still hope!

Vintage Christine said...

Maybe he's unhappy because he's thinking, "OK--it's February. Christmas is 10 months away and I'm going to look COMPLETELY DIFFERENT by then." Of course, he could just be being a cranky baby. Whatever--he's just so darn cute!!!! And his big sister is so darn pretty!!!!