Monday, March 1, 2010

I Just Can't Get Enough of That SMILE!

I can't help it. Call it an obsession. Call it a mom bias. Call it baby-itis. I just can't get enough of Iain's cute little smile.... and those dimples!

So, if you are bored with cute baby faces, feel free to read another, less-baby-centric post! ;) If you, like me, just can't help but smile when you see those little eyes light up, then, by all means, stay right here and scroll down!

Here is our 10-week old baby boy smiling at his daddy. (once again caught on my iPhone camera.... oh, well!) SO SWEET!


Vintage Christine said...

That is one cute baby! Must be his genes . . . Love, AUNT Gogie (oops, that's GREAT AUNT Gogie, he he).

Corinne E said...

ADORABLE!!! I can't get enough of it either! I could seriously stare at pictures of that cutie ALL day!! He is so stinking cute!

Jaci Spain said...