Thursday, September 9, 2010

Uppercase Living... in MY home

Many of y'all know that I am an independent demonstrator with Uppercase Living! I LOVE the products and host open house and catalog parties, make crafts and place orders all the time!

But... I have never shown y'all some of the Uppercase Living products I have in my home.... So, here is a brief tour of some of my expressions and decor.

This is my very first expression. It is a sage green saying that I applied to our fireplace in the family room. LOVE it... and have received many compliments about this one!

This is a fun little design that's over the window in the laundry room!

Jaiden and Iain share a "jack and jill" bathroom, so I thought it would be fun to put appropriate expressions over the doorways to their rooms! The first, obviously, is Jaiden's. The second it Iain's!

This is a very large, beautiful "grand format" expression in Jaiden's room. I put it up after we redecorated her room and painted those blue stripes on the wall! So cute!

This was a plain, old "boring" mirror in the guest bedroom. I spruced it up with a silver "A" monogram....

This is the tiny little hall bath that I recently repainted. It was too small for things to be hanging on the wall, so this was the PERFECT solution!

These are my kitchen stools. I wanted them to be a bit more "fancy," so I applied these black expressions and then sealed them so they will last a long time!

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