Monday, December 13, 2010

Santa pictures: 2010

So... I'm thinking that Iain is NOT a fan of Santa Claus! Can you tell from this picture??!!!?!?!

Jaiden's picture turned out perfectly lovely! And she was VERY excited that the "real" Santa Claus came to our neighborhood this year for pictures! She even looks like she's matching the Santa look, with the red top and black belt! GREAT picture!

But... Iain was just not a happy camper. He was already tired from taking our first, official family pictures before the Santa visit. It was also about an hour past time for his afternoon nap!

Oh, well! It's a memory! :)


Emma said...

There is a whole website devoted to kids hating Santa! It cracks me up every time:

Mrs.B said...

love the kid crying in the Christmas pic...well, not that he is crying, but you know what I mean. My youngest, now 12, loathed the Easter Bunny!