Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Where Lost Socks Go... at Christmastime

I've always known that our washing machine and/or dryer "eat" our socks. I can't count how many socks have just disappeared over the years. But with a baby in the house, socks now disappear on a daily basis!
Usually, Iain pulls his socks off and leaves them on the floor. But I guess he got a bit more creative of late! The other day, I noticed that he had pulled his socks of and was carrying them around the house. And when he got tired of them, I started looking to round them up.
I found one on the rug in the den, under the table. The other one, however, was nowhere to be found. Nowhere! I mean, I went all over the house, checking under furniture, in his toy basket, in the dog's toy basket, etc., etc.... I had almost given up.
Then a friend stopped by... and I discovered the sock's unique hiding place.

I guess Iain dropped it off there on the Christmas wreath (on our front door) when I was saying "goodbye" to a friend who had left earlier in the day! Hey - it matches the decor.... right!?!?

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Vintage Christine said...

Hmmm, I wonder if some of my lost socks are at your house, too? Long walk for a sock, but who knows. Too cute, Beth! Sorry we won't be seeing you when we come to Bham. Love y'all!!!!