Tuesday, September 19, 2006

It's official -- we're blogging!

Whether by happy accident or acute purpose, you’ve stumbled upon Beth and Sean Alcazar’s “Alca-Blog.” Yup. It’s official…. We have finally conformed to the high-tech demands of our society and have joined the growing ranks of inexperienced cyberspace communicators! So, enjoy our family’s many adventures through some random posts, fun photos and guest comments. We’re glad you found us!


Frannie Girl said...

YEAH!!! Look forward to sharing the adventures via the net!! Great family pic too!! :)

Anonymous said...


This is great! How much time do you have on your hands... with juch a demanding job...planning weddings....and waiting for calls.

Love It!


Anonymous said...

Hey Beth how are you doing the pics are AWESOME and I LOVEEE the Pictures of Jaiden!!

LOVE YA My 2nd cousin (soon 2 be)

Love Toni Marie