Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What camera? (A call for HELP!)

I admit: it's been months now since I've had a camera.
When I changed jobs in July, the amazing (and quite pricey) Canon SLR went back home to Arizona. So I've been borrowing Mom's digital (or even Jaiden's camera-- *yikes!) and "stealing" pictures from my friends... yes, and even from complete strangers on Flickr!
That being said, we're now looking for a fairly simple, not-too-expensive digital camera. But I feel completely lost! (My other cameras are 35mm or advantix film... and the only digital I had in my possession was that $3,500 one!)
So think $200-$300 range for now. Start small. We're throwing around (well, not literally) the Nikon Coolpix, the Canon PowerShot and the Sony Cyber-shot... but I'm open to any thoughts and suggestions!


Greta said...

We've got a Canon Powershot (an older one) and I loooove it! It takes great pictures, is small yet easy to hold and very easy to operate.

I would love a new Powershot (but we recently got a Rebel so I'll have to wait a while longer for a small one ;). The new ones rock! A bunch of my friends have them and we all highly recommend it!

Fran Babij said...

Hey Chicadee...
Well from everything I have read up on and from what my Photog magazines have reviewed and suggested..the best small one to get IS he Canon Powershot. Sooooo....I would opt for that one too like Greta suggested.

Kait said...

Hey!! So excited...I just found your blog. I am already loving your creative entries.
About the camera, I am totally in agreement with the two previous post. I HAD the Cannon Powershot (until it got stolen out of my car... in my very own driveway) and I LOVED it!! I would give it 5 stars! It had a super quick shutter, which was great with kids!
Anyway, happy camera shopping. Let us know what you end up with!

Beth said...

I'm seeing a pattern here! :) Thanks, all! I'll see if any more comments pop up, but this helps sooooo much!