Monday, March 9, 2009

Fishful Thinking

Sean, J and I were lured outside by the nice weather yesterday, and we decided to try our luck in the lovely little lake that's less than a stone's throw away from our house. But despite our best efforts, our smart fishing tactics and even our undying hopefulness (and our top-notch fishing gear... check out the high-tech SpongeBob SquarePants pole and bobber!), no fish landed on our lines. Ok. So maybe ONE or possibly TWO fish tugged a bit, but both of them got away. So typical. At least we had a nice couple of hours before the mosquitoes came out and started their concentrated attack on me. (Why do they always go after me? No one else gets bugged by them as much as I!) Ah, well... better luck next time! One day I'll get to post about J and her first fish....

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