Friday, March 27, 2009

When Dogs Barf

Rowdy barfed this morning. He is very prone to barfing. I mean, this dog has the weakest stomach of any dog I have owned. So sad. What's worse... he barfed UNDER the bed. Eeeew. It was a chunky puddle under the bed, toward the middle. So.... Sean and I had to heave the massive king-size bed out of the way and crawl back there to clean everything up. Then I dumped baking soda back there and vacuumed the whole area a bit later.
Funny, with me and my obsessive cleaning habits, I was actually thinking about cleaning under the bed at some point. So I guess I can't be too upset with Rowdy. He gave me the perfect opportunity to get back there. Now that's sad!

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Rachel said...

Nice. Our whole family was around the table playing cards on a family vacation one time, and JC and Lindsay's dog made a LAKE of puke under the table. I mean it was unreal. It ended the game REAL fast.

Ali and I loved having lunch with you today!! You're just as much fun in person as you are in bloggy-world!! We'll have to do it again sometime!