Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Kid at Heart

In another life, not so terribly long ago... I had a monorail. A miniature version of the official Walt Disney World monorail. It was "monorail red" (AKA a monorail with a red stripe). It was also the first edition monorail to be released.
I loved that monorail.
Monorails are cool. They are fun to ride in real life... and fun to watch in miniature. They silently run on elevated tracks, and the miniature kind looks cool running around the Christmas tree. Plus, monorails provide good memories of Disney and all our amazing vacations.

Sadly, that monorail did not come with me to my new life, and I've been secretly longing for a replacement monorail for the last 5 years or so.

Well....this year, I got a monorail! Sean bought it for me at Disney's Polynesian Resort. It's "monorail orange" (AKA a monorail with an orange stripe). And the doors open up... so you can put tiny little Disney characters in there to ride around the track.
I love this monorail.

I am such a dork!

NOTE: Just an FYI, J and I are playing with the monorail at Orange Lake Country Club in Orlando. I do NOT have powder-blue hotel curtains and navy-blue carpeting in my house! ;)

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