Monday, July 20, 2009

Birthday Girl!

We had Jaiden's 7th birthday party a few weeks ago at Jumpin' Jax.

As always, the kids had a wonderful time running around, jumping, sliding and just being silly.

Even the 3-kid pile-ups were fun!

So were the little kiddie cars.

Luckily there were two of them, because the cars were pretty popular... for about 5 minutes!

Jaiden loves the big slides.

The obstacle course is fun, too.

Unless you get a wedgie. Then it's not fun, as Sean shows in this pained expression!

Enough of that.... back to the fun!

And on to the cake!
Jaiden chose a lady bug as her birthday party theme this year. So my good friend, Season, created this outstanding cake! Sooooo cute!

The cake table looked very festive with the colorful tablecloth and brightly-wrapped presents!

Jaiden is contemplating a wish before blowing out her candles.

And here she is before eating the delicious cake... and the dark-colored icing. Oops! Everyone ended up with red, green or black teeth!

Looks like they grew antennas, too!

J was concentrating on opening this present. It's not often kids get to rip open paper at birthday parties... usually birthday gifts come in easy-to-open gift bags! ;)

Ah-ha! Here's an easy-to-open gift bag!

After opening presents, Jaiden got to hop into the super-cool, air-blowing party room where she tried to grab as many Jumpin' Jax bucks as she could within the time limit!

This may have been one of the highlights of the day! Too bad she didn't end up with real money! We could have used some to pay for the birthday party! Ha-ha! ;)


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Kate Spike and Her KatS said...

That looks like so much fun! And no child abusers anywhere in sight, either. Happy Birthday to Jaiden!!!