Thursday, July 23, 2009

Disney Cruise Food... it's all good!

One of the many wonderful things about a Disney Cruise is the incredible food -- and the incredible amounts of food! You can have food pretty much 24/7... and it's all already paid for (with your ticket price)! I can't even begin to tell how how amazingly delicious everything was. But here, at least, are a few photos capturing some of the appetizers, entrees and desserts!

Here is Sean with a plate of ratatouille.... and he's giving us his best Anton Ego face (that's the food critic from Disney and Pixar's movie, "Ratatouille").

Jaiden enjoys a plate full of every child's dream dinner -- Mickey Mouse pasta with a side of french fries (minus the veggies, of course!).

Now on to dessert -- this was a bowl of light, fluffy, delicious chocolate mousse (or is it "mouse" on a Disney ship?).

I don't even remember what this artistic-looking, chocolate dessert was called, but it sure tasted -- and looked -- amazing!

Mom got some incredible meringue dessert. It also looks like a piece of art!

Here is one of the many delectable entrees.

Pirom, our head server, fixes mom's plate of lobster! (This was Pirate Night, by the way. Mom doesn't usually sport a red "Pirates in the Caribbean" bandanna.... Arrrrrrrr!)

Oh, and here I am enjoying one of my all-time favorites: a Mickey Mouse ice cream bar! Yep -- these little frozen desserts that were made popular in the parks have made their way onto Disney ships, too! YUM! (Yes.... still Pirate Night... hence the pirate Mickey ears!)

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Kate Spike and Her KatS said...

Sean & Beth gone for a few days . . . and the lawns of America run rampant. Love your mom with the pirate scarf!