Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Shrinky Dinks ... for Sean

Sean's birthday was last month, and while shopping for birthday gifts, Jaiden spied something she KNEW he would love: Shrinky Dinks! She picked out a package of space/alien-themed Shrinky Dinks and presented them to Sean for his special day.

Needless to say, Sean (who played with these crafty litle things as a kid) loved them and proceeded to make them with the whole family!

Neither Jaiden nor I had ever experienced the fun that is a Shrinky Dink, so we were thrilled to share the excitement and wonder as you color, cut, bake and shrink the plasticy doo-dads -- right before your eyes!

I colored the robot dog. Jaiden worked on the spaceman and the planet. Sean did the rest! (This is a pre-shrunk photo, BTW. I was using my iPhone and didn't capture a good shot after they baked in the oven!)


Kate Spike and Her KatS said...

Hmmmm--you know, I never knew about Sean's Shrinky Dink-tion. I DO know that you can make some cool jewelry from the finished product, though. Now I can count my nephew amongst my crafty crew!

Beth said...

Oh -- Sean is QUITE crafty! Did you ever see the adorable ladybug spoon rest he painted for me? Just look up our Ceramic Creations day on my blog: