Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Welcome to 2nd Grade!

It's official. My baby is now in second grade!
"All grown up" with her new haircut, Jaiden excitedly made her way to her new classroom, found her desk and showed me around, assuring me that she knew what to do and that school this year would be fun.

"Fun for whom?" I wondered... every mom knows the bitter-sweet tug on the heartstrings as you cheer for your child as she gets bigger, learns more, accomplishes things and grows into the person she is... while at the same time you're reminiscing about fuzzy footie pajamas and cuddle time and missing the little person she was. *sigh
Ah, yes; it's a dilemma, but I swallow a tear, blow a kiss and wish her a very good first day of second grade. And I silently watch my daughter melt into her surroundings... embracing the words, the letters, the colors, the kids, the conversations, the laughter and the whirlwind of school... and of life... and of growing up.

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Kate Spike and Her KatS said...

What a sweet and loving mommy you are--I'm so glad you'll be Mommy to Susie's FIRST grandchild (oh yeah, and my first grandnephew . . .).