Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Latest Buzz

I'm just a'buzz with excitement to be a new independent consultant with B's Purses. I've always loved bags, totes, purses and handbags... and I am thrilled to be a part of a company that lets YOU design your very own!

I'm sure you already have bags that you love, but for a one-of-a-kind item made exactly to your taste, you can create it yourself! B's Purses lets you choose the shape (including handbags, cell phone cases, garment bags, diaper bags and tennis-racket bags) and the fabric/pattern (from solids and polka dots to vibrant florals and animal prints) for the inside and outside of your bag. Add a handle of your choice and finish it off with ribbon, piping or a monogram. It might cost a little more than the average bag.... but that's the point! These bags are not average at all! They are YOUR unique creations!

So if you're looking for a unique gift, shopping for Christmas presents or just itching to buy a new bag for yourself, check out my B's Purses BLOG and WEBSITE. Have fun looking through all the gorgeous styles and fabrics, and feel free to place an order, post questions, sign-up for a purse party in your home or find out more about becoming a B's Designer to make extra income for you and your family!

It's truly the latest buzz!

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Rachel said...

Those are adorable! Congrats!!!