Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bookmark fun on Swap-Bot

I enjoy crafts and love to get things in the mail, so I've thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the Swap-Bot community, where you can join random swaps -- for just about anything! -- and make or buy things to send and swap!

For example, so far, I've swapped things like lip gloss, note cards, hot chocolate, candy, bibs, letters and e-mails with folks from all over the world! Just for fun!

And two of the most recent swaps I was in called for handmade bookmarks! I discovered that my first random swap partner liked stained glass and irises... so I made a bookmark that incorporated those things, in a weird, puffy paint sort of way! :)

The second swap partner mentioned in her profile that she loves tulips and all things Fitzgerald. The first bookmark was fun, so I made her a similar one with some tulips and a nice Fitzgerald quote about flowers and friendship!

Just thought I'd share...

Perhaps you, too, love to get fun, little things in the mail. You may want to join us swappers on Swap-Bot!

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