Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Vote -- for me!

Well, the candle holder I made for the June craft challenge is now up on Christy Nelson's site, and people can vote on their favorite craft item!
I must say, however, that some of the entries for this month confuse me a bit, since I stuck to the bag of craft supplies and did not throw in any other crafty things.... so you'll have to look pretty hard for the pill bottle, clay, raffia and glitter paper in some of these items! Weird!
ANYWAY, I'd love to get your vote (especially since I voted for the bird feeder. Well, it's cute!) So click HERE and vote for my candle holder! :)


Anonymous said...

I voted!!! Yes, for you! ;) The bird feeder might be my fav. though. ;) I don't quite understand the mixed media collage thing?? Good luck! I love how crafty you are!! :)
T. Watson

Corinne E said...

Done! Good luck!