Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I Got Into the Paint... Again!

I don't know WHY I have been adding extra projects to my never-ending list, of late, but I just got a wild hair, I suppose, and recently decided to paint Jaiden's room. (I just painted our tiny bathroom a few weeks ago!)

Well, I didn't paint her ENTIRE room. I just did a little "decorative" painting! I had spotted this really cute stripe technique in an Uppercase Living idea a while ago:

So I decided to try it out in J's room -- in her favorite colors: BLUE! Now, the painting itself was SO very easy. But the prep work -- and the taping -- was very tedious. BLECH! Why do I get myself into these projects!?!?

Anyway, I think it turned out cute. More importantly, Jaiden LOVES it!

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Vintage Christine said...

Jaiden's room was precious before and now it looks even MORE precious! Give Jaiden a big hug from Aunt Chris (and of course one for Iain, as well). Love you guys!