Wednesday, October 20, 2010

But... Jesus doesn't like cake!

When Jaiden was about 3-years old, we decided we'd bake a "birthday" cake for Jesus as one of our delicious Christmas desserts... and possibly as a new family tradition. My aunt had actually done this before, and I thought it was a cute idea, especially for Jaiden, so she could learn more about the true meaning behind our celebration of December 25!

Of course, I wasn't quite prepared for my daughter's response when I asked her if she'd like to help bake the special birthday cake. With a very sincere look and quite a thoughtful tone, she informed me, "Jesus doesn't like cake."

You know... I may beg to differ on that one! I bet Jesus would like cake! But for some reason or another, my silly little Jaiden got it in her head that the King of Kings is just not a big fan of cake! :)

Then again... if we had made THIS cake, I may have agreed with her!

Anyone have an interpretation of this? Anyone!?!?!? Right now, I have a version of a popular old Sunday school song in my head... "Jesus loves the little dinos... all the dinos of the world..."


Vintage Christine said...

All four of Sean's aunties used to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus every Christmas--Bama would have a cupcake with a candle stuck in it and we'd gather 'round the cuppy and sing our lungs out. As for Jesus cuddling that dinosaur . . . that's a headscratcher, for sure!

Loriwas said...

I DO love Cakewrecks... : )