Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Bunco Fun

Several of the girls in my neighborhood and I have been playing Bunco for over a year now. And this October 19, was MY night to host. So, we decided to have a little Halloween fun!

I dressed up in pirate garb, and for decorations, I used black tablecloths and Halloween-themed napkins, cups and plates. For our snacks, I made brain goo salad, putrid punch, monster fingers, mini mummies and eyeballs! (AKA known as: strawberry pretzel salad, citrus punch, cheese sticks, pigs in a blanket and chocolate covered Oreos.)

Sean LOVED the eyeballs! :)

My neighbor, Season, came dressed as a hippie -- complete with armpit hair! EEEewwww! And Cathryn sported a crazy fun witch's hat!

We played several rounds of the fast-paced, dice-rolling game, while munching on all the ghoulish goodies! But in the end, Brandi won for "most Buncos."

Christy and Cara tied (and shared) for "most wins."

And our fearless leader, Paige, did not leave empty handed... she took the title of "most losses.

I love my Bunco girls! :)

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Fran Babij said...

Ok...I'm intrigued by the strawberry pretzel salad. I may need the recipe to share at some of my gatherings. :)