Monday, October 11, 2010

How to Land a 9-Month Old

Fishing for babies isn't all that easy. To land that elusive 20 pounder, you have to have just the right lures... and a lot of patience. Nine-month olds, especially, can be quite finicky, and they don't always hit the same lure twice. So be prepared. Do your homework. And have a good crankbait.

That's right: a crankbait!

Of course, the sheer variety of crankbaits is quite astronomical. Some dive shallow; some dive deep. Some have rattles; some don't. Some crankbaits have a lip; others do not. AND each type is available in about 5 gazillion different colors!

The crankbait we found most effective here was a bright green Bill Dance crankbait with a lip ... and rattles, of course! The sound alone was enough to make this baby strike - hard and fast!

Once the baby took the lure, the angler (AKA "daddy") quickly snapped the rod up and reeled the line in, keeping steady pressure on the baby. (This is an important step when fishing in heavy vegetation, or in this case, amongst a thick cover of toys.)

* NOTE: No babies were harmed in the making of this post. And the crankbait used to catch the 20-pound baby, pictured, had ALL hooks and sharp thingies removed and was thoroughly disinfected first!


Corinne E said...

Such a cute blog! :) :) Love it! and Love you!

Vintage Christine said...

I agree with my niecey-poo Corinne--you have a darling blog and this post was tooooooo cute. Guess this must be why I never had any kids--I hate to fish, har har har.

Loriwas said...

THAT is hysterical!!! I am seeing so much of how he looks like his dad! : D